New Patients

All our doctors welcome new patients who live within our practice area.

You may register with the practice if you live within the practice area, or be seen as a temporary resident if you are in the area for less than three months. The reception staff at either of our surgeries will provide you with the necessary registration forms.

Please contact reception for further information.

New Patient Health Check

We request that all new patients wishing to join the practice undertake a New Patient Health Check with a nurse or in some cases with a doctor. This will provide us with valuable information about your health needs whilst we await the transfer of your medical records from your previous doctor. Please do not wait until you need to see a doctor before you register with the practice.

When you apply to join the practice you will be offered an appointment for your health check, and you will also be given a short questionnaire to complete, which you should bring along to the appointment.

A simple screening medical examination (including measurement of blood pressure, height and weight) will be performed and health advice given.