Care Communities

As GPs we are part of the Knutsford Care Community. The Knutsford Care Community brings together health and social care teams to deliver services that not only treat illness but promotes wellness and self care. We work closely with other agencies such as care homes and voluntary organisations to progress this.

Knutsford Care Community involves all those who live, work or care for someone in Knutsford.

Our aim is to support residents to live well and stay well

Dr Phil Coney (GP at Manchester Road Surgery) is the Clinical Lead for the Knutsford Care Community and Denise Baillie is the `Coach’. Denise is a nurse by background and is based at Macclesfield Hospital.

Representatives from the Knutsford Care Community meet each month to promote working together.

The initiatives we are involved with are:

  • Revising the Dementia Pathway. The dementia pathway has been changed to enable quicker access to an assessment and to provide ongoing care within familiar surroundings of the GP Practice. This initiative has worked so well it is being rolled out to the other Care Communities in East Cheshire
  • Providing checks for AF to identify patients who are at risk of strokes, heart attacks and vascular dementia
  • Trialing a Leg Club for 6 sessions to establish if this improves patients confidence in looking after their leg condition and reduce the adverse effects of this condition on everyday life
  • District Nurses and Practice Nurses working together to improve the Leg Ulcer pathway for patients
  • Working closely with two care homes to provide support and training to care homes and prevent unnecessary GP and Hospital visits
  • Working closely with a Diabetes Specialist to ensure all our diabetic patients have the best of care
  • District Nurses and Practice Nurses working together to ensure that housebound patients have full holistic assessment to help people stay as healthy as possible
  • Making the most of the flu clinics with information on health and wellbeing being made available
  • Promoting communications across all agencies to improve social prescribing